2019 —
January 9-14
Toshimaku Pack on display at Hankyu Umeda Osaka

2017 —
August 5-6
Photobooks on display, on sale at Design Festa (B-462)

February 4-11
PERFORMANCE, at Snack Ayumi, Kabukicho, Shinjuku —

2016 —
Contribution to TOKYO / JAPAN (August Issue) —

July 1–31,
A special one-off box set of Toshimaku Pack will be available at the 'Bunkaya Zakkaten 1st exhibition' at Tetoka in Kanda

May 28–June 12,
Infrared Island will be showing as part of On Landscape #3 at Lower Hewood Farm

2015 —
October 2–4,
Showing as part of On Landscape #2 at Castlenuovo Fotografia Festival. More details soon.

September 19–21,
Will have 5 new zine at Zine's Mate Shop, The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2015

Infrared Island selected as part of the exhibition On Landscape #2 at Matèria Gallery, Rome (April 17—May 16)

2014 —
Infrared Island on display at Nikki, Shimokitazawa

September 19–21,
Infrared Island will be available at Zine's Mate Shop, The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014

Photography and short fiction chosen for the Snetha Noir project and Snehta Residency in Athens.